Be.e – The BioScooter – The Scooter Made Of Hemp!

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The bio-based electric scooter for the sharing community.

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Electrical scooter made of hemp and biobased resin.

At Van.Eko we develop next generation mobility concepts. By combining state of the art sustainable materials and technology with awesome design we aim to build the coolest vehicles to make a positive impact on traffic congestion, air quality and our mobile life-styles. The Be.e is our first product: An electric scooter fully made from natural materials.

State of the art sustainable materials

The frame and body of the Be.e is built up using Hemp fibres infused with a biobased resin. It’s a natural fiber reinforced composite monocoque structure. That means we don’t need to use a steel frame in the centre of the body, which in a conventional scooter takes on average 100 parts to make. This technique makes the scooter light, stiff, very sturdy, easy to handle and, oh yes: Beautiful, at least we think so.

High-end electric scooter for the sharing community.

On top of the sustainability of the scooter itself we want to take sustainability a level further into the sharing domain. We want to introduce the Be.e in a vehicle-sharing scheme that will empower its users and facilitate city traffic: Be.e sharing.

In this scheme there are a few roles. Be.eKeepers get to use the Be.e for a monthly fee (around €250,-) for their own use. If they are not intending to use the scooter, and they are willing to share it, they can offer the scooter to third parties; WannaBe.e’s, for short term rental. So if you’re heading into town, and not sure how to get from the station to your final destination you can look up (on an app) if anyone nearby has a Be.e on offer, which makes you a WannaBe.e. Once you find a Be.eKeeper, you place a reservation, make an appointment and off you go. €5,- for the first 2 hours, €5 for every subsequent hour. The Be.eKeeper earns back some of the monthly expenses and the WannaBe.e gets a fun, fast and clean way to make it to his last appointment avoiding traffic, buses and crammed metro’s.