Brand of granola bars contains hemp seeds, Army warns

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Snacking “Strong & KIND” may put extra protein in your diet, but could also put you in danger of failing a drug test, the Army says.

The protein-focused line of increasingly popular KIND brand granola bars contains hemp seeds, according to both the Army and the company’s website. The Army believes the seeds used in the “Strong & KIND” line — which can contain low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (aka THC, the active ingredient in marijuana) — could trigger a positive drug test.

Other lines of KIND bars, generally made of nuts along with fruit and other natural flavorings, do not contain hemp seeds. The Army & Air Force Exchange Service carries them in stores.

Flavors with the hemp seeds include Hickory Smoked, Roasted Jalapeno, Honey Mustard, Thai Sweet Chili and Honey Smoked BBQ.

Signs posted at some installations warn soldiers the bars are not allowed on post.

AAFES spokesman Chris Ward said that in March, AAFES issued a guidance alerting stores to the issue with Strong & KIND. He told Army Times the offending bars have never been on AAFES shelves.

“Soldiers and airmen don’t need to worry that we are going to sell them something that is going to make them pop positive on a drug test,” Ward said. “If they can’t have it we’re not going to sell it.”

KIND spokeswoman Stephanie Peterson noted in an emailed statement to Army Times that the seeds come from plants with far less THC than the species of cannabis used to make marijuana. The bars adhere to U.S. Department of Agriculture testing standards, and have a THC level of 0.001 percent, she said.

The Army did not answer questions about whether any soldiers have been reported as testing positive for drug use based on eating KIND bars, or how much of the snack soldiers would need to eat to test positive. Spokesman Paul Prince noted in an emailed statement that U.S. manufactured products are not allowed to contain any THC that enters the body. More at Source: