Colorado Will Release All Marijuana Prisoners & Expunge Their Records

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“Update: We were not fooled by this joke article. We knew it was a fake but jokes sometimes make important points. People should not be in jail for marijuana offenses, especially in states that have legalized it! What an injustice. And, at a cost of $30,000 per prisoner think how much money the state will save.  We hope people will work for the release of all marijuana offenders, especially those in states that have legalized marijuana.”

Release All Marijuana Offenders From Prison In Colorado

Update from it’s apparently fake. We got “got” by, and had no idea the National Report site was satirical. But it should happen. And will eventually happen. And if nothing else, it’s a reminder that even though we have a legal state, thousands remain imprisoned for marijuana possession. If you want this to become real life, contact Governor Hickenlooper right here to make life mirror “fiction.”

It’s already (clearly) been a landmark year for Colorado, America’s first legal weed state. Legalization has been a full-fledged success, other states are now following (or hoping to follow suit), and the state is reaping in the rewards of its marijuana sales tax.Marijuana No Jail for a Plant

And while Governor Hickenlooper may have had some initial hesitations (and resisted/opposed) legalization, the trend-setting legislator is thankfully not content standing still with just legal weed. And after seeing the national attention garnered by legalization–and the estimated total north of 100 million dollars from cannabis tax dollars, he’s seen the light.

Because wow, Hickenlooper wants to take the next step toward justice: he wants his state’s marijuana prisoners (yep, they still exist) to be freed from the chains and have their records cleared so they can go on living normal lives–and not be stalked by the shadow of prohibition.

Thus, he’s proposed a bill that would change just that–and begin emptying America’s overcrowded prisons, many of which are polluted by innocent cannabis enthusiasts.

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