Congress opens door for Vets to get Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana
The House of Representatives voted on Thursday morning to let doctors with the Veterans Administration talk about and recommend medical marijuana to their patients.

The Veterans Equal Access Amendment is a monumental shift for a government that, until now, has restricted any VA doctor from recommending the drug.

For Cristina Alfonso-Zea, medical marijuana is both a cure for her past and a promise for the future.

The Army Vet suffers from PTSD and was prescribed opiates to fight the depression. She tells us she became addicted and suicidal before smoking marijuana. She now she advocates for other vets.

“The usage of opioid, the suicide, it destroyed my family. But now with medical cannabis, I have a light.” Cristina told us.

Now for the first time, a federal heath care system will embrace a plant that is still federally illegal to combat a problem taking thousands of lives each year.

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