FIRST EVER Global Marijuana “Brand”

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by Cheri Roberts, The Pete Santilli Show, The Guerilla Media Network & Challenging the Rhetoric

As pot prohibition is being lifted state by state the family of music legend, Bob Marley, and a Seattle-based private equity firm, Privateer Holdings, have announced the first ever global pot brand called, “Marley Natural”. Teaming up under a 30-year global licencing arrangement, “Marley Natural” will hit the proverbial shelves sometime in mid to late 2015.
Yahoo News is reporting,
The Marley Natural brand would likely be seen on cannabis and other products and accessories by late 2015 under the 30-year global licencing arrangement struck between the family and Seattle-based private equity firm Privateer Holdings.

The brand, a wholly-owned subsidiary based in New York, would produce and sell hemp-infused topicals and accessories in countries around the world and could enter into licensing agreements governing production and packaging requirements with growers and processors that sell cannabis and cannabis-infused products in U.S. states, among other plans. MORE HERE