Hemp growing near Fort Qu’Appelle mistaken for marijuana

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Hemp growing near Fort Qu'Appelle mistaken for marijuana

Some Saskatchewan hemp growers recently got a visit from the RCMP after passersby thought they were growing marijuana. This has happened at least two other times in Saskatchewan in the past year. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Photograph by: Justin Sullivan , Getty Images

Fort Qu’Appelle — The Fort Qu’Appelle RCMP detachment recently solved an interesting case of mistaken identity.

On Aug. 9, a member of the detachment responded to a call from the public that plants resembling marijuana were growing in an area southeast of Abernathy.

Cpl. Drew Wagner explained that the officer at the scene wasn’t sure if the plants were cannabis marijuana or hemp; so the RCMP Integrated Organized Crime Unit South was called.

Between 200-300 plants were found in the field, but tests later revealed the plants were hemp and not marijuana.

“Hemp and marijuana plants, they’re very similar. They look very similar in nature and they smell the same. But of course, when it comes down to the differences, hemp can be used for industrious purposes while marijuana is primarily used for a drug,” said Wagner.

He added that the landowner didn’t know that hemp plants were growing in his field. The land was rented out a year earlier to a seeding company. The farmer suspected that hemp seeds got mixed in with the company’s other seeds.

“It was completely inadvertent. It certainly wasn’t someone growing hemp without a permit or anything like that,” More at Source : http://goo.gl/5PvUMk