Hemp Oil A Life-Changing Medicine For Carrollton Child

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CARROLLTON(CBSDFW.COM) – Landmark legislation is headed to Governor Greg Abbott that will legalize a limited form of medical marijuana for use in Texas. It’s validation for a Carrollton mother who says it’s been a miracle drug for her young daughter.

Harper Howard is far from a typical five-year-old. She has what’s known as CDKL5 disorder. She’s unable to talk, eat or walk because of a rare brain condition that can cause deadly seizures.

“It’s like she’s been electrocuted but there’s no plug to pull. Her eyes roll in the back of her head she holds her breath,” explains Harper’s mother, Penny Howard.

When her mother learned of the success of medical marijuana on seizures, she found a legal form in Texas called hemp oil to give to Harper.

“We saw a documentary in 2013 and it was on the use of medical marijuana,” Howard says.

“She’s more alert she’s interactive,” says Howard.

“we got to know her over the past few years when using this product she’s hidden she’s trapped in her own body,” says Howard.

“You have to live our life before you judge,” says Howard.