Inside the struggle for legal weed – VIDEO

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Marijuana is now legal in California – but the weed industry is going through serious growing pains. A costly permitting process, a thriving black market, and a rigorous testing process are making the new policy difficult to adapt to. For the farmers who have been growing this plant off the grid for decades, the struggle to become mainstream business owners is real. And, for local law enforcement, there is a new black market to fight. Neha visits northern California to look at how the cannabis industry is evolving. SOURCES & FURTHER READING California’s Cannabis Regulations… An Emerging Crisis: Barriers to Entry in California Cannabis… The U.S Legal Marijuana Industry is Booming… CREDITS Producer: Neha Shastry Camera: Ilie Mitaru, Zack Haskell Editor: Nick Blatt Supervising Producer: Allison Brown Follow Beme on Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

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