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JUST SAY YES, perhaps the first marijuana memoir ever published, is a positive account of long-term cannabis use. With ruthless honesty and deadpan humor, the author observes the effect of weed upon every aspect of her life: marriage, motherhood, friendship, work, sport, sex. Phillip Lopate, Nonfiction Director of Columbia University’s MFA Writing Program, lauds JUST SAY YES: “This funny, wry and very candid memoir purports to be a Confession of an American Pot-Smoker but is really a cultural/personal history of the past fifty years. The narrative progresses backward and not only the past but innocence itself is recaptured.” John Updike wrote about Hiller’s short story collection, SKIN, this is “good, brave and joyful writing.” For more reviews of JUST SAY YES, please see the Kindle page and www.marijuanamemoir.com.

HuffPost Weird News 

It’s our 420 episode. Join us for a discussion with Catherine Hiller, an author and filmmaker whose new book, ‘Just Say Yes: a Marijuana Memoir,’ documents her life as a pot smoker, which she’s been for more than 50 years.

We also check-in with Andy Campbell on the west coast as he reports from a legal weed dispensary.