Legalizing Marijuana & The Increasing Pace Of Social Change In America

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This is how fast America changes its mind…

Eleven years after Massachusetts became the first state to allow same-sex couples to marry, the Supreme Court on April 28 will hear arguments about whether to extend that right nationwide. The case comes amid a wave of gay marriage legalization: 28 states since 2013, and 36 overall.

But, as Bloomberg explains, such widespread acceptance in a short amount of time isn’t a phenomenon unique to gay marriage. Social change in the U.S. appears to follow a pattern: A few pioneer states get out front before the others, and then a key event—often a court decision or a grassroots campaign reaching maturity—triggers a rush of state activity that ultimately leads to a change in federal law.

Bloomberg looked at six big issues – interracial marriage, prohibition, women’s suffrage, abortion, same-sex marriage, and recreational marijuana – to show how this has happened in the past, and may again in the very near future.

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So with that in mind, how long until Recreational Marijuana is adopted nationwide…


If the pattern holds, the marijuana legalization movement may take far less time than other issues to gain widespread acceptance.


Though the pattern of social change may have remained largely the same over the years, change is happening faster now.


Source: Bloomberg