Looking for BIO MASS ?

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Do you need Bio Mass? – We have solutions for you.

Situated in Central America we have 1600 hectares (close to 4000 acres) for the growing of Industrial Hemp, the clear choice as a bio mass crop for many in the bio mass industry.
We trust that the virtues of the Hemp plant are know to you and as such we will not go into all the details.


What we have is a ground floor opportunity to secure the agricultural land you need to support you companies long term supply of bio mass.  We are seeking to find a partner that can successfully cultivate a crop (a plant that is bio remedial such as Hemp, the Paulownia tree, etc.) in an organic and ethical “green” fashion.

There are a few ways to secure this opportunity.

We are offering to lease in whole or in part the initial 1600 hectares as well as provisioning more tracts of land under the right circumstances.

People wishing to option a piece of the the agricultural lands are free to contact us and make an offer. We have some predetermined allotments that we are willing to make immediately.

Joint venturing with us and Sharecropping. As this is a ground floor opportunity we can even look at no money down lease options with a joint venture partner.

To secure the land today for tomorrows needs is a wise investment decision for both private investors and companies looking to expand and service the growing global demand for Hemp and Hemp products.

Please contact us today about how it is you can secure the bio mass for your current and future needs.
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