Premier of Capital C (crowdfunding documentary)

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In just a few years, crowdfunding has empowered a whole new generation of artists to create things in a way never been done before. CAPITAL C is the first feature length documentary dedicated to crowdfunding, focusing the hopes and dreams as well as the fears and pitfalls of independent creators in the wake of  the digital age. Over a period of three years, the film follows the inspiring endeavors of ZACH CRAIN, JACKSON ROBINSON, and BRIAN FARGO who reach out to the crowd to change their lives forever.



The hippie attitude of his crowdfunding campaign to create knitted bottle koozies draws the attention of ZACH CRAIN’s ever-growing community. Because of his success, competitors and business sharks are also seeking their share of the pie.


With the unforeseen crowdfunding success of his first hand-drawn poker card deck, JACKSON ROBINSON is facing the opportunity to make himself visible as an artist. However, he must learn that the fruition of his dream may come at a price for him and his young family.



After 20 years, video game veteran BRIAN FARGO finally finds a way to reboot his classic, Wasteland, through a multi-million dollar crowdfunding campaign. Now, the eyes of more than 60,000 supporters are on him to the highly anticipated Wasteland II.