WikiLeaks Reveals Clinton’s Marijuana Stance

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If voters were unsure of where Hillary Clinton stood in regards to marijuana reform, the latest round of the Democratic presidential nominee’s emails released by WikiLeaks’ on Friday revealed what Clinton was planning to say about legalizing cannabis before her first debate. From the sound of the preparatory document included in campaign chairman John Podesta’s hacked…

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A Tale of Two Hillarys

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In August 2004, then–New York Senator Hillary Clinton rang the opening bell at the New York Mercantile Exchange, the world’s reigning energy market. When she arrived at the trading floor, the traders unabashedly booed her. “It wasn’t because they hate Democrats,” a young man who worked in the trading pits, Ben Kaufman, told me at the…

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Clinton Unlikely to End War on Drugs

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Spread the loveAs most Americans have come to realize, the War on Drugs has been a phenomenal disaster. Triggering the arrest of millions of otherwise law-abiding Americans, it has contributed to an unprecedented pattern of mass incarceration, one which unfairly targets the poor and people of color. Despite its success in locking up drug offenders … Read more Clinton Unlikely to End War on Drugs