The Rise of Vets Using Cannabis For PTSD (Video)

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Chad appeared in a story on USA Today about cannabis and PTSD. He was anonymous in that video for stigma reasons, but no longer fears being public.

Chad no longer fears being public about his use of cannabis for PTSD.

It’s not only thousands of Vets that attest to the efficacy of cannabis. According to a study published in Neuropsychopharmacology, “Research suggest that the connectivity within the brain’s fear circuit changes following trauma, and the administration of cannabinoids prevents this change from happening.”


What makes Chad exceptional is his dedication to other veterans. He is an outspoken advocate for medicinal cannabis as a treatment for PTSD, and has helped several other veterans get started. It is extremely frustrating for Chad to watch other veterans suffer and die when he knows that cannabis could help so many of them.

Everyone, especially those who have dedicated their lives to the safety of the United States, deserves the chance to at least try this medicine.

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