[WATCH] ~ Irish mini-series’ Global Medical Cannabis Summit Dublin 2016: Report & Interviews

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Irish mini-series’ latest installment ‘CBD: Medicine or Food?

#1: Global Medical Cannabis Summit Dublin 2016: Report & Interviews

We are happy to present our latest installment on ‘Advancements in the Age of Cannabis’, a global medical cannabis summit in Dublin (September 2016).

The Cannabis News Network team took off to Dublin earlier this month to attend The Global Medical Cannabis Summit: Advancements in the Age of Cannabis. Surprising to say the least when you realize right now cannabis is an illegal drug in Ireland, the quality is often poor, prices are high and cannabis isn’t recognized as having any medical benefits.

The Summit was hosted by Volteface and Help not Harm, and sponsored by Tilray and Leafly. According to Volteface, it was ‘the largest medical cannabis conference ever held in the British Isles’.

Speakers included politicians, scientists, activists and patient groups from around the globe.

In addition to showing an overview of the event, we also interviewed Tim Colbourne (Director of Police at Open Reason), Tjalling Erkelens (Netherlands, CEO of Bedrocan), Dr. Arno Hazekamp (Independent cannabis-scientist from The Netherlands), Dr Ognjen Brborovic (Chairman of the Croatian Committee for Medicinal Cannabis), Dr. Ingo Michels (Head of the German Office of the Federal Drug Commission) and Charlo Greene (US activist).

#2:Medicinal Cannabis giving back ‘quality of life’

In this second installment of our Irish mini-series, we get to know Tom Curran’s story. His wife, Marie Fleming, passed away 3 years ago. She suffered from Multiple Scleroses (MS), which ended up taking her life.

In December 2012, Ms Fleming brought her fight to challenge the ban on assisted suicide to the High Court. She had wanted her partner Tom to be able to assist her death without fear of prosecution.When the High Court ruled against her she bravely appealed the decision to the Supreme Court, but in April 2013 her legal battle came to an end when it upheld the original ruling. Their court battle became a landmark case and a national news headline.

After Marie died, Tom came forward advocating for medical cannabis. In his desperation in seeking pain relief for Marie, he bought his first cannabis straight from a street dealer. With “miraculous” results.

Find out more: http://www.cannabisnewsnetwork.com/

#3: Move over kale juice, hemp juice is here to stay!

Published on Oct 7, 2016

In this third installment of our Irish mini-series, we get to know Marcus McCabe and Kate Mullaney, founders of Kama Hemp Juice. Marcus and Kate run a unique business in Ireland, which is able to operate because Hemp Juice is considered a food, not a drug.

And while some hemp farmers produce CBD oil or other extracts, Marcus and Kate are firm believers of using the whole plant.

Both Kate and Marcus are well known throughout Ireland for their pioneering work with, natural building, permaculture design, water purification and home schooling. In May 1997 the began work on their now famous strawbale house and they moved in, in November 1998

Things took a bit of a turn for the worst when their first Hemp business collapsed leaving mounting debt and much disappointment. However their faith in Hemp as a fruitful crop never failed and they persevered with a much scaled down version of the Hemp Building business. 2013 saw Kate and Marcus take a brave new step into the juice production world. Being juice and health advocates for many years themselves and also by now experienced hemp growers, this put them in the perfect position to take up the premier role in the Hemp Juice business!

#4: CBD: Medicine or Food?

In this fourth installment of our Irish mini-series, we talk to Joel Stanley, one of the founders of Charlotte’s Web, who attended the Global Medical Cannabis Summit in Dublin last month. At the Dublin Hemp Museum, he shares his story with us.

For those who don’t know Joel Stanley, he’s one part of the Stanley brothers, who gained attention by developing Charlotte’s Web: a high CBD strain with very low THC, named after Charlotte Figi. Charlotte suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy.

Featured in a number of documentaries, including CNN’s ‘Weed: Dr Sanjay Gupta Reports’, they quickly became famous and their strain has since been in high demand.

Only very recently, news broke in the UK Cannabidiol (or CBD), will be scheduled as a medicine. Good news considering cannabis is illegal in the UK, classified for no medical benefits. Is this the first step towards reclassification and regulation of medicinal cannabis?

The removal of CBD retailers from the market will result in patients and consumers being forced to buy CBD from other sources, illegally or via prescription by corporations such as GW Pharmaceuticals.

We find out in this report, talking to Stanley and taking also a closer look at GW Pharmaceuticals and their monopoly on medicinal cannabis in the UK.

MHRA statement on products containing Cannabidiol (CBD): https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mh…