We are #Hemp – We are Hemp.GQ

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We are #Hemp –  We Are Hemp.GQ

Ethical, Organic, Green Industrial Hemp farming. A world calls opportunity to supply the raw beauty and versatility of hemp for any ethical industry. Hemp demand is growing on all fronts. Central America before World War II was and always been a place where Cane of all kinds including Hemp / Cannabis Stalk grows like weeds..

Contact us today fro information on how to com and grow with us.  Central America is a historically world renowned place of Hemps cousin Marijuana. It is part of the life and culture of a people as much as it is a nefarious victim or player in the drug wars of days gone by. Today we have in Central America an opportunity to cultivate thousands of acres of Industrial Hemp. Join us soon in launching something wonderful, something good, some thing clean, for today, and many more to come.